PGT Ceewrite provides aerospace clients with a centre well known for its precision machining services and assembly. We manufacture to the exacting standards demanded for critical aircraft parts and maintain detailed documented records for all that we deliver.


Irrespective of the market that you are in, PGT Ceewrite can help with leading edge technology to produce quality precision engineered components and mechanical assemblies on time and to budget. We are well known in the scientific Industries.

Welcome to PGT Ceewrite

PGT Ceewrite is a world-class precision engineering company producing high quality machined parts & sub-assemblies for a wide range of UK and International companies in the defence, aerospace, motorsports, power generation and commercial sectors. Trading for almost 80 years PGT Ceewrite as built up a global reputation for innovation, quality and reliability underpinning its successful development of long term customer relationships.

We can help with:

  • CNC Milling - CNC Turning - CNC Multi-Axis Milling/Turning
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding - CNC Internal & External Grinding - CNC Boring
  • Wire Erosion - Spark Erosion